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Branding is an Experience

2014 was a great year. Friends got married, engaged, had babies. I had a baby. Lots of good stuff!

From a professional graphic & web designer’s point of view, it was an eye opener to realize the importance of branding. I discovered branding was more than having a good logo and website or a great product. Branding is everything combined, that forms an experience to the end user. Because lets face it, if you have a crap logo but brilliant product, or vice versa even, that’s not going to make you a success. Especially if you’re lacking on the customer service end, yea, that’s not going to put you ahead of your competitors.

Bobbette & Belle Cupcakes
Bobbette & Belle Cupcakes – So Yummy

I realized all this when I visited Bobbette and Belle’s (a Toronto cakery). I’ve always admired their design that’s a huge part of their brand. And their cupcakes – out of this world! But the little details thrilled me the most. Like, the pretty Royal Dalton type saucers mounted on the wall to form an enchanting wall hanging, their soft french tunes, the excessive use of white (yasss!), their exceptionally detailed handiwork on display…Sigh.

Bobbette & Belle interior decor - beautiful
Bobbette & Belle interior decor – beautiful
Bobbette & Belle Logo design by Chad Roberts Design
Bobbette & Belle Logo design by Chad Roberts Design

It made me consider renewing our marriage vows just so I could order a cake! The friendly servers added to it all, as well. The point is, I walked away with an experience. Sure the bill was higher than the norm for a cupcake and coffee, but I didn’t mind. What’s more, I would do it again. I’ve been telling any and everyone about them ever since. Customer for life.

This is how your customers/clients should feel about you. You want your clients to remember their experience with you. You want them to have that sing song feeling when they think of you. You want them to feel they have to shout your brandname from the mountain tops…or they might burst from all the excitement. You want them to spread the word. And you can accomplish this by paying attention to the little details, that form the big picture.

If you are just starting out, step one is to establish your brand. Find a graphic designer that understands the importance of branding and will direct you with your best interests in mind. Make sure you like them and want to be in a working relationship with them. Don’t rush into anything. Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right. Steve Jobs said that.

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