5 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

5 ways to increase brand awareness

Before I jump into the main topic at hand, I wanted to get a little personal and touch on how/why I haven’t had a chance to post something in a while. Back in March, I attended my cousin’s wedding in NYC. It was a lovely wedding. A picture of the happy couple below

7 Step Process to Designing a Strong Logo


A logo is an important part of every business and service. Without one, you have no identity and simply lack the credibility needed to generate brand recognition. And growth only comes with brand recognizition. Because of the weight it holds, designing a logo has many factors to it. How do I approach a logo design […]

Branding and Images


Some of the best websites I have come across are simple in design and spectacular in their images. Take away the images and you are left with blah. And yet, so many people have blah branding and images – be it a website or any print collateral – simply because they don’t recognize the power […]

How to create a brand style guide

I’m going to talk about clothes again. Just because I love it and fits with where I am taking this post. My closet reflects my style and taste. It’s how I dress myself. I have my work clothes, casual clothes, church clothes, formal clothes etc. Regardless of the occassion or event, what I wear reflects […]

How to brand your social media image

I am not a social media consultant, so this post will not be on how to manage your social media channels. I am however a graphic and web designer that focuses on branding, and this post is going to largely center around how to do just that – visually brand yourself on your social media. […]

Project Post – PowerClean Meals

How to brand yourself in 5 simple steps

I firmly believe, “Branding is an experience”. Get it right, branding is much bigger than your pretty logo, business cards and website. Building a brand, requires time and effort. If done right, it can be quite powerful and effective. If you are taking this step to improving your company name/brand, know that YOU are going […]

Talk about branding!

Clarice Gomes Brand Cover

The past 2 months or so have been very busy. With summer in the air and longer days you would think that gives me more time to update my blog, be more active on Twitter and take on more projects. Not so. I recently had my first speaking engagement on the importance of Branding and […]

Sneak Peek Photoshoot

I was so excited to work on my headshots with Chad Milbrandt Photography. Here’s a sneak peek. Working with Chad was extremely easy. Instead of telling me to relax and be myself, Chad told me what to do. How to stand. How to tilt my head. Squint, etc. That worked great for me, because I’d […]

6 Steps to Designing Your Brand

If you are looking for a quick fix to success, keep looking. This ain’t it. Actually, since you’re here – keep reading. You are a business owner or entrepreneure with an idea. You plan on offering a service or product that will change peoples lives. But where to start? How do you build a brand […]