The Marketplace by Mommunity

Summer is done and day one of “Back to School” happened today. I can hardly believe how quickly that passed us by. On top of all this whirlwind of activity, I have some news to share. I am proud to say I will be showcasing my products at the upcoming, The Marketplace by Mommunity on […]

Tips to Grow Your Email Subscribers


Convertkit recently, put out a webinar on how to grow your email subscribers. I am going to share some of their tips on how to grow your email subscribers. I am by no means a pro on email marketing, but I find it interesting. A huge part of it is growing your email subscribers. There […]

Someone stole my website

someone stole my website

It has recently been brought to my attention that I have an admirer out there. Someone stole my website. They even stole my name and my picture. I am mildly flattered, but I am also worried of what this could mean for clients reaching out to this site in hopes of working with me.I never […]

The iPad Pro – a Designer’s Review

iPad Pro Designer's review

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve noticed I’ve been posting quite a few videos of lettering. Well thats because after years and years of not indulging in Apple products – simply because I couldn’t justify the costs for something that only looks better and doesn’t necessairly function better – I purchased the Apple iPad […]

Services/Apps I can’t work without

clarice gomes services and apps

Running your own business is not a walk in the park. Like anything in life, you need to adapt to a system- find your groove, if you will- and then keep at it. Sometimes its all about trying something, seeing if it works for you and either going a different route, if it doesnt work, […]