Desktop setup & new toys

Don’t go in the basement. Because that’s where I work…and workout. Haha. Here it is, finally! My post on my new work space. I know you’re excited. Unfortnately, it isn’t filled with natural light, due to lack of windows, in the basement. So my video, shot using my Nikon D5000, isn’t the brightest. Apologies and […]

Highlights of 2015

Happy New Year, folks! I’ve been blogging for one whole year now. Happy blogging birthday to me! Yes, this blog post is a bit late in the year. But my first week in 2016 was spent nursing a bad cold, that had me struggling to keep up with work, kids and house work. Nevertheless, here […]

Hark! It’s Christmas time!

Got the family Christmas pictures done. Shout out to Chad Milbrandt Photography! With December came my favourite time of year – a time where people come together and help others. Shortbread cookies, festive lights, mistletoes, random acts of kindness, and snow angels (not this year) are a few of my favourite things! I find it […]

3 Things keeping me busy this winter

I’m just going to put this out there. If you’ve figured out how to multiply the hours in a day, please share your secret. Please! From my title, you’ve probably figured this post is a rant about how busy I am. But it’s also about my top 3 things to do lately. 1. Lettering My […]

Handlettering – my new found love

I experimented with hand lettering for a logo I did. Now I am in love. Le sigh. No it’s not friday, it’s monday :). But, last week friday, after researching what markers and nibs I should invest in, I took a trip with my little man to our local Curry’s (one of our few art […]

Free Watercolour Roses by Me

I can’t remember when was the last time I posted a free vector. So I am proud to say, here is my first in a long time. I painted some roses and made them into a vector. Feel free to download and use as you wish. If you feel compelled, drop me a line or […]

I am thankful

Thanksgiving was at my place this year. Everyone came over and we had turkery cooked on the BBQ. It was a grand ol time. I have a lot to be thankful for. It’s a humbling feeling. Looking at everyone in the room, I realized I am who I am because of how each person has […]

This is why, as a graphic designer, I don’t own an Apple

I used to love shopping! From a time I was allowed to shop for myself (15), I have loved the thrill of buying a piece of clothing at an attractive price. Yes, I love a good deal. It make the thrill even more exciting. You may call me a thrifty shopper. Back in those days, […]

Giveaway! DevWeek 2015 3 Day Pass


I am giving away a DevWeek 2015 3 Day Pass. Who wants it? I won a 3 day pass to DevWeek 2015 (The Definitive Developer Conference), London (UK), courtesy of Tuts+ (love them). Unfortunately, I cannot go. But my loss is someone else’s gain! I have decided to give it away to one lucky person. […]

New Year, New Everything

This year holds a lot of potential for growth…more growth. One morning in December, during devotions, I came across this quote, “There’s a metaphor Vincent Eades likes to use: “If you examine a butterfly according to the laws of aerodynamics, it shouldn’t be able to fly. But the butterfly doesn’t know that, so it flies.” […]