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Custom Watercolour Wedding Invitations

Custom watercolour wedding invitations are all the rage these days. Over the past few months I put out a few watercolour video tutorials.

Whoops! I fell off the wagon with my posts here. I was away for all of May traveling with my mini-me babygirl. It has taken me all of June to recover from my trip. Now we are smack in the middle of summer, July.

You are probably curious, where I buggered off to? I went to India, a.k.a. the motherland. It was a lovely time with family, friends and the like. I was most active on Instagram, during my trip. You can check it out here. Coming back was bittersweet – bitter to leave all my lovely friends and sweet to come back to my two main men.

On to my blog post topic – custom watercolour wedding invitations are all the rage these days. I was commissioned to create a custom watercolour wedding invitation suite. The watercolour flowers were a huge part of it. Noticing a trend, I put out a few watercolour videos, so people could benefit from my experimentations. The first one I did was peonies (my absolute flavourite flower) and the second, hydrangeas (which I grew to love and appreciate).



I returned from my trip to lovely comments and words of encouragement from people, asking me to put out more videos. So yet again, I put another one out, also based off a wedding suite I very recently designed. Here is what that looked like. Hope you like it. Please subscribe and share.

Flowers & Leaves

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