I value the process in any project. The ultimate goal of the process is to provide the client with a memorable experience and a successful project.

1. Brand Consultation

Taking the time to get to know your brand challenges, market consumers and competition, makes a difference in the execution of the process. This means communicating with you, asking questions and suggesting game changing ideas.


Before a project begins, an estimate and an agreement stating work terms have to be approved. Once thats approved and first 50% of the deposit has been paid, the project begins.

3. Design Concept

Based on research, client provided information and a creative process, first concepts will be designed. This is often the longest phase.

4. Approval

Once approved, finals payment is due. Files will be provided via email or a website link (if project is a website). Please note, client is responsible for overlooking ALL details of the design in terms of spelling and correct information.


Nothing would please me more than to share my knowledge on branding with you. If you'd like a quote or an estimate, please fill out the questionnaire. It provides information like, scope of work, timelines, expectations, etc., which allows for a more accurate estimate.

Please allow 48 hours for a response.
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