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Graphic Design for a Not for Profit

As November is coming to a wrap, I can scarcely believe that 2016 has almost come to an end. Where has the time gone?

I have been extremely busy wrapping up end of the year projects. But I am still trying to fulfill my one blog post and one Youtube video tutorial a month. My Youtube video tutorial is delayed due to technical issues. My screen recorder keeps crashing. After spending a half hour to create it. This happened to me 3 times. Ouch! I know, that’s an hour and a half of time wasted.

Graphic Design for a Not for Profit

I wanted to share graphic design work done for a not-for-profit that I’ve been working closely with. If you didn’t already know, fighting human-trafficking is something that’s been dear to my heart since 2010. The feeling of wanting to make a difference in the lives of opressed women and children has only intensified over time. Offering graphic design services is my way of helping in this fight.

With the Christmas season upon us, Mukti Village reached out to me to design a brochure. The aim of the brochure was to educate people on who Mukti is and how they can be a part of bringing about change in the lives of under poverished children by providing them with an education. Most of these children are from one of Asia’s largest red light district, Sonagachi, Calcutta (Kolkatta), India.

The Brochure

Below is the approach I took to make it visually stand out. And I am very pleased with the outcome.

I found the image of the girl extremely beautiful. Isn’t she gorgeous?

The Sari Books

Mukti Village also supports a women’s home. The women maintain the up-keep by making various crafts. They also make something called Sari Books. Partnering with Mukti Village, I’ve decided to showcase these beautiful “Sari Books” made by these women, rescused sex trade workers from Sonagachi’s red light district, on my upcoming online store. I haven’t even gone live yet and sales have already begun.

Not-for-profit-Love Calcutta Arts
These books are hand bound with handmade papers and covered with three layers of vintage sari material, stitched together with original Kantha stitch. The paper is made from cotton rags and recycled woolen blankets, making them 100% environmentally friendly. The paper truly is gorgeous, with a linen finish.

Each book tells a story of a woman being given dignity and self-worth. They also make great gifts, I stand by the quality of these books. By purchasing such a product, you are helping these women and their children stay out of the trade and a chance at living a life with purpose. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Love Calcutta Arts, where the women work.


This holiday season, as the year is coming to an end, I urge you to consider making a difference in the life of someone. It might not be purchasing one of these books, but it could be as simple as buying a homeless person a meal. Do it, not to get anything in return, but do it because – Love does.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these beauties, please email me (for now, until the online store goes live) at

I leave you with a quote from one of my favourite books,
“God loves and defends those with the least economic and social power, and so should we. That is what it means to “do justice.” ― Timothy J. Keller, Generous Justice: How God’s Grace Makes Us Just

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