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Hark! It’s Christmas time!

Got the family Christmas pictures done. Shout out to Chad Milbrandt Photography! With December came my favourite time of year – a time where people come together and help others.

Shortbread cookies, festive lights, mistletoes, random acts of kindness, and snow angels (not this year) are a few of my favourite things! I find it absolutely fascinating how we all pull together as a community and yet at the same time we prepare ourselves for the new year. Preparing with plans of how we can better ourselves. Truly is the best time of the year.

Fun and frolic aside, for me December is significant because of my faith. Even though it isn’t Jesus real birth day, it’s the symbolism of the day. God sending down His only son, for us. To stand in the gap and bridge the way to Him. So for me, it’s the ‘giving’ that gets me excited! Having said that, I do welcome gifts of any kind ;).

I aim to wrap up all projects for the year this week. Hoping to send the last few days of this year, rejuvinating and enjoying my loved ones. Part of the rejuvinating process also involves me setting up my new office. Very thankful for upcoming Boxing Day Sales! I think this is the year I will be going over to the dark side and buying a MAC! Gasp! I know :s. More on that later.

On other updates, I ordered a few t-shirts that have my hand lettering project printed on it. They turned out great! I will have to take a proper picture and post soon. And finally, I have the watercolour blue roses wedding invitation set ready. Waddya think?


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