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iPad Pro Designer's review

The iPad Pro – a Designer’s Review

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve noticed I’ve been posting quite a few videos of lettering. Well thats because after years and years of not indulging in Apple products – simply because I couldn’t justify the costs for something that only looks better and doesn’t necessairly function better – I purchased the Apple iPad Pro 12.9″. And the iPad pencil. *Applause here*

So this post is my brief write up on the iPad Pro. A designer’s review.

How I was convinced to get the Apple iPad Pro

  • 3 trusted sources told me I should get it.
  • I came across some really neat videos’ on handlettering on the iPad, and we all know I love that.
  • I wanted something I could get tasks done quickly without having to sit at my desk

So, instead of overthinking it, or driving myself crazy over conflicting reviews, I did something I don’t normally do. I made an impulse buy. In one shot, I spent close to 2k. And the rest is history.

It’s been a few weeks since I got it. I downloaded the Adobe programs- Sketch and Spark. And I most definitely downloaded Procreate. Now I procreate stuff on the regular lol. Here’s one example.

What I like about the Apple iPad Pro – a designer’s review

I am floored by the amount of illustrator/letterer type stuff you can do with these programs. Using the Apple pen make it seem like you are working using pen and paper. The experience isn’t seamless, but it is pretty smooth. Definitely takes some getting used to at first. But once you have it, you’re flying. For now, I am more interested in doing lettering- no detailed sketching for me. My thoughts are, I don’t have to spend money on paper and ink cause I got all the “paper and ink” in the world using the iPad Pro. The techniques work exactly like if you were writing in “real life”. Soft on up strokes and push down on down strokes.

I am still in two minds about program preferences- Sketch or Procreate. I adore that I can do 90% of my illustrator and photoshop work on the iPad Pro, giving me the flexibility to be anywhere I want – including bed! Once I am done, I just save down to a psd or eps and I can take over on my main computer.

Short Conclusion on a designer’s review of the Apple iPad Pro

I definitely want to check out these by Design Milk, the designer’s iPad Pro app buyer’s guide a.k.a a list of apps for designer types to check out. While I am super excited to use this tool for design related things, I also want to maximize on daily tasks. So I am on a journey, researching how I can better my process, save time and get more organized.

What are your favourite apps for the iPad? Please share!.

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