The Marketplace by Mommunity

Summer is done and day one of “Back to School” happened today. I can hardly believe how quickly that passed us by. On top of all this whirlwind of activity, I have some news to share. I am proud to say I will be showcasing my products at the upcoming, The Marketplace by Mommunity on […]

Online Shop Now Live


Happy 2017, ya’ll! It’s finally here, and even though it doesn’t feel much different from yesterday it is up to us to ensure this year is better than the last. Also, online shop now live! My first step for this year is the launch of my brand spanking new online shop (mentioned in my last […]

The iPad Pro – a Designer’s Review

iPad Pro Designer's review

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve noticed I’ve been posting quite a few videos of lettering. Well thats because after years and years of not indulging in Apple products – simply because I couldn’t justify the costs for something that only looks better and doesn’t necessairly function better – I purchased the Apple iPad […]

How to paint watercolour peonies

Earlier this year I was doing a wedding invitation suite for a friend that needed watercolour peonies. Ofcourse I became obsessed with painting them, all the time. I spent a lot of time experimenting various techniques. I found out it is very important the quality of paints and paper involved. Through this time, I used […]

Window Lettering

Tis the season for snow angels, indeed! As I have mentioned lately and if you’ve been checking on my instagram, this is very very public news of my recent obsession, handlettering. My last post I mentioned my Brause nibs were on their way. Well, they are here and I’m even more in love with the […]

3 Things keeping me busy this winter

I’m just going to put this out there. If you’ve figured out how to multiply the hours in a day, please share your secret. Please! From my title, you’ve probably figured this post is a rant about how busy I am. But it’s also about my top 3 things to do lately. 1. Lettering My […]

Handlettering – my new found love

I experimented with hand lettering for a logo I did. Now I am in love. Le sigh. No it’s not friday, it’s monday :). But, last week friday, after researching what markers and nibs I should invest in, I took a trip with my little man to our local Curry’s (one of our few art […]