Desktop setup & new toys

Don’t go in the basement. Because that’s where I work…and workout. Haha. Here it is, finally! My post on my new work space. I know you’re excited. Unfortnately, it isn’t filled with natural light, due to lack of windows, in the basement. So my video, shot using my Nikon D5000, isn’t the brightest. Apologies and […]

Change your thinking, change your future

clarice gomes game changer

The longer I work for myself, the more I realize how much of an impact my mindset has on my business. Obviously this stems from being my own boss and having to make decisions for myself. I see it reflective in all areas of my life. How can I do “whatever it is” better? Mindset […]

What I Learnt From Paul Arden


As a graphic & web designer I have to make moves to keep myself acquainted with todays trending news and updates. I spend lots of time on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and checking Feedly for interesting blog posts. One of the things I rarely do is read. I picked up “Whatever you think […]