7 Step Process to Designing a Strong Logo


A logo is an important part of every business and service. Without one, you have no identity and simply lack the credibility needed to generate brand recognition. And growth only comes with brand recognizition. Because of the weight it holds, designing a logo has many factors to it. How do I approach a logo design […]

How to create a brand style guide

I’m going to talk about clothes again. Just because I love it and fits with where I am taking this post. My closet reflects my style and taste. It’s how I dress myself. I have my work clothes, casual clothes, church clothes, formal clothes etc. Regardless of the occassion or event, what I wear reflects […]

3 Things keeping me busy this winter

I’m just going to put this out there. If you’ve figured out how to multiply the hours in a day, please share your secret. Please! From my title, you’ve probably figured this post is a rant about how busy I am. But it’s also about my top 3 things to do lately. 1. Lettering My […]

How I Designed a Logo for Toronto and Survived

Clarice Gomes City of Toronto Logo Concept

I tried my hand at re-designing the City of Toronto’s logo, got digitally flogged for it, and survived to blog about it. It’s now exactly a year ago that my version of what the City of Toronto’s logo should look like was published online on the Globe and Mail website/ It was titled, “Eight designers […]