Youtube Video Tutorial: How to paint watercolour dahlias


I know this might not be a big deal for a lot of people, but it is for me. I just surpassed 500 subscribers to my Youtube channel. It was never my intention to grow, I just wanted to share my knowledge and put it out there. This outcome has me gushing and encouraged. I […]

Highlights of the Year 2017

Clarice Gomes Highlights of 2017

Reflecting on the past year, I have to say it’s been a slice. I felt I should document my highlights of the year 2017. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of events, trips and milestones. Here’s a super brief overview. Online Shop Launch I launched my online shop! It was a huge step for me. Overcoming […]

Custom Watercolour Wedding Invitations


Custom watercolour wedding invitations are all the rage these days. Over the past few months I put out a few watercolour video tutorials. Whoops! I fell off the wagon with my posts here. I was away for all of May traveling with my mini-me babygirl. It has taken me all of June to recover from […]

How to Create Hearts in Illustrator


Happy Valentine’s Week. Here’s what I have for you this week. Youtube Tutorial – Create Hearts in Illustrator It is the month of “love” and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Really everyday should be a day of “love”, but sure, let’s take a day to recognize “love” on one specific day :). Given the theme, I […]

Tips to Grow Your Email Subscribers


Convertkit recently, put out a webinar on how to grow your email subscribers. I am going to share some of their tips on how to grow your email subscribers. I am by no means a pro on email marketing, but I find it interesting. A huge part of it is growing your email subscribers. There […]

A Holiday Card in Adobe Illustrator


So I have been having technical issues and haven’t been able to upload the video tutorial for this card. I am so sorry guys. I tried 3 times and it crashed, every single time, at the end of my half hour rant. Frankly, I think I need to re-install programs and just don’t have the […]

Tutorial – Vintage alarm clock in Adobe Illustrator

How to create a vintage alarm clock in adobe illustrator

Did you enjoy last month’s video tutorial? If you missed it, here’s the link to that. This month I have posted a video tutorial on how to create a cute vintage alarm clock in Adobe Illustrator. All of this done, using one simple shape – circles! For more video tutorials, please subscribe to my Youtube […]

Tutorial – Fried egg vector in Adobe Illustrator


It’s been a hot minute since I have posted anything on the Youtube channel. I have been meaning to churn out some simple and useful tutorials on creating random things. My goal through these vector tutorials, is to show how simple shapes can be used to create an object or item. Really, all we need […]

How to paint watercolour peonies

Earlier this year I was doing a wedding invitation suite for a friend that needed watercolour peonies. Ofcourse I became obsessed with painting them, all the time. I spent a lot of time experimenting various techniques. I found out it is very important the quality of paints and paper involved. Through this time, I used […]