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Tips to Grow Your Email Subscribers

Convertkit recently, put out a webinar on how to grow your email subscribers. I am going to share some of their tips on how to grow your email subscribers.

I am by no means a pro on email marketing, but I find it interesting. A huge part of it is growing your email subscribers. There is so much to learn and try. There are a ton of ways to get this kind of information. Free webinars are an awesome way to learn. I am so grateful to the people that take time out to do them and help others.

Convertkit recently, put out a webinar on how to grow your email subscrbiers. I am going to share some of their tips on how to grow your email subscribers.

Why you should grow your email subscribers?

If you have a subscription form on your website and already have a database of subscribers, then you are most likely reaping the benefits of it. Especially, if you are putting out content that is of value to them. A vast majority of your business income comes from email marketing. E-Mail marketing earns you 447% more revenue, than those businesses who don’t have one in place.

Most people think you need to have a large list to benefit off it. But that is a myth – You have to have a huge list to earn income.

Darrel shared a story about, John. John, built an email list of 250 people by creating a course for a WordPress something or the other…and earned $10,500 dollars on first launch. WOW. And I believe it took him 2 days to set it up. Taking the time and effort to set up some really good content is worth it. More so if you have the passion and drive for the topic.

1. How to get your first 100 email subscribers

The secret weapon to list building is hustle. Send an email out to 10 people in your friend circle. It could be family, friends or acquaintances. They don’t have to be interested in what you offer. Just sent out a simple email. Something along the lines of, “I’m starting a new course. Is this something you are interested in?”.

2 How teaching can get you 1000 subscribers

Once people say yes, ask them questions. What is your biggest frustration? Where do you go to get this info? This should help you build a free course, addressing their problems. By putting out something that helps them problem solve, you are not only teaching them but also earning their trust.

A free course is an opt-in incentive.

4 Free e-book or free course?

You will write the exact same amount of content, for both. Except, a free course has a higher percieved value. And yet, it is the same amount of content and a lot easier for readers to engage with and digest. Sending out one thought, one idea, one lesson, directly to their inbox, allows the reader to gain more from the experience. Versus downloading an ebook that’s several thoughts all at once, which can be over-whelming. Bit size chunks are easy to digest. With the e-book you are bound to lose people, because let’s be real, there are way too many cat and baby videos out there, vying for our attention.

5 Promote it!

Once you have all the content down and laid out, it’s time to make it known. Make use of your social media channels. However small the amount of people. 6 degrees of seperation rule always applies. Convertkit is a great tool to set up automated emails of this nature. I would recommend it if you are serious about getting your content out there and growing your subscribers.


Teaching or sharing your knowledge is how you get people to pay attention to you and your product without spending money on advertising. By making useful information available on your website or social media channels, you will attract potential customers that trust you. They trust you only because you’ve helped them so much. Help others, don’t hog the information and watch your email subscribers list grow. Suddenly, people want to hear from you. I put out tutorials on my Youtube channel. I enjoy sharing what I know. So much of what I know, I take for granted assuming people already know it. But that’s not true. There is always someone searching for something. Your post/video/course might just be the answer to it.

So start simple. Or have you already started? How has your experience been so far?

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