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My Watercolour Supply Guide for 2022

We’re at the tail end of 2022 and I find that unbelievable really. Time flies when you’re having fun. And I’ve had a ton of fun playing and experimenting with some amazing watercolour products this year. If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, you probably have seen me use a lot of the products below in my watercolour video tutorials as well. So whether you’re new new to watercolour or just looking to try something new, below is a list of Amazon products that are worth looking at. Some are absolute fave go-to products as well. Below are Amazon affiliate links for the US and Canada.

Paper Brushes Paints Books Palettes Other Items

For the list of Canadian Links to the above, please visit here.   Let me know what you guys think of them if you end up using some of the above, OR if you’re already using them – how are you liking it? Any there any products you are using that you think are worth looking into?

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