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Window Lettering

Tis the season for snow angels, indeed!

As I have mentioned lately and if you’ve been checking on my instagram, this is very very public news of my recent obsession, handlettering. My last post I mentioned my Brause nibs were on their way. Well, they are here and I’m even more in love with the fanciness that I can achieve with these beauties. And so it’s only normal for me to want more nibs. Nikko G and Leonardt Principal, along with some Bleedproof white ink are on their way to me. Enough on my calligraphy buys.

I was approached by a friend, who saw my handlettering experiments on instagram, to do a window sign for her storefront. I thought, why not. Sounded super fun. So this past saturday, I did exactly that. Here is the scanned and modified artwork.

Because the sign was not meant to be permanent, I used a white sharpie. I found it extremely hard to find opaque washable markers. I came across chalk markers, but they only came in neons. The window markers were very very light. So I ended useing the waterbased Sharpie. It was a pretty fat nib. I just could not come across thinner Sharpies in white.
This might or might not become a “thing”. Time will tell.

The ultimate dream in life is to be able to do what you love and learn something from it. -Jennifer Love Hewitt

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