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#Womenspiration Quotes

First monday in the new year, so lets make this good. You got this!

I am in constant need of inspiration. I have many hats to wear and so it’s easy to entertain thoughts like, “I can’t” or “I’m busy”. If I put things down, make it visual, it’s a good reminder that “I can”. I hope it reaches lots of women, working or otherwise and is a source of encouragement.

Ivanka Trump has launched this new initiative called #WomenWhoWork (in all aspects of life). She did a video featuring 12 inspiring women. Love the video.

About The Ivanka Trump Brand. I LOVE IT! Her logo is timeless and classy, colours are muted, yet bold, website is visual and engaging. It fits her perfectly. It all ties in really well. I don’t doubt for a moment her #WomenWhoWork #JointheConversation initiative will be successful. Not just because she’s The Trump’s daughter, but because she’s doing it all, just like so many of us.

As women, we’ve come a long way. It’s amazing and encouraging to see strong women pull it all together. Daughter. Wife. Mother. Sister. Entrepreneur. Friend.

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