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3 Things keeping me busy this winter

I’m just going to put this out there. If you’ve figured out how to multiply the hours in a day, please share your secret. Please!

From my title, you’ve probably figured this post is a rant about how busy I am. But it’s also about my top 3 things to do lately.

1. Lettering

My latest passion, hand lettering. I am quite taken with it. My Brause nibs arrive THIS week (along with some special guests)!!! So you can imagine my excitement to use them along with the new gold ink, to address my Christmas cards. This week, I also have an exciting project. Details on that, once the project is done.

2. Watercolour


I have been experimenting with some quick watercolour flowers as well. And I have decided to dive into wedding invitation sets again. Starring the watercolour flowers I churn out. So far, I have decided to do, pink peonies, blue roses and purple lavender. Stay tuned for those. I anticipate those coming out before the year is out.

3. Baby Boy

Ideally, I would want to have the wedding invitation sets out sooner, but chasing my active little boy is a part time job. On the plus side, my clothes fit reall well! #thestruggleisreal

I anticipate these things keeping me busy for the rest of the year and more, more like.

Other Things

I finally took the time to load the pictures I took of the Osmyn Events businesscard. They turned out really well on the linen paper. Production credit has to go to my printer, Priority Print Plus.


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