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Why and how to brand your business?

Never has branding become more important than today. With mobile smart phones and a plethora of social media platforms, it is a waste of free resources if you aren’t branded properly and aren’t interacting in that big social media party happening out there.

Why branding is important in marketing your business?

Let’s define branding first. Branding is your overall company look, language, images and even one-on-one interactions. This embodies, logo, colours, tone of voice in your marketing materials, photography and customer service. In a nutshell, branding is an experience you provide to your consumers

A well set-up brand will:

  • Deliver a clear and concise message to their consumers
  • Build trust in the market through consistent branding practices
  • Show up as the problem solver to the consumer’s need
  • Build user loyalty through a strong social media following

How can you build your brand?

I love the Maya Angelou quote, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”.

I think this embodies what branding is perfectly.  To help you achieve this, I offer a 5 step basic branding process that includes the following.

1. Logo Brand Identity

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand

Here are some great reasons why:
The logo is an important set to building a brand. Care and time should be taken during this process, just like you would with naming a baby. This brand identity will be what consumers will relate to when they think of you. And this is why it is important to have a professional help with this process. Designing a brand identity/logo requires research. Firstly, knowing what the brand does and secondly, figuring out how to communicate to the consumers. Everything from font choices to colours selected will reflect the brand values.

2. Brand Photography

Brand photography or a brand photoshoot is when you create images that reflect the look and colours that will go with your logo and overall visual identity. While I have no issues with using stock photography, I don’t feel it is always the most effective route. A brand photoshoot is great for headshots, action shots and office shots. These images can then be used across all your marketing. From website to social media profiles and feed posts, once again by being consistent in imagery online and offline you are creating a personal relationship with your consumers.

3. Website

Having a website is like a digital footprint online. Social media just reinforces this footprint. Think of your website as people “meeting” you before they physically meet you. So it is important that it tells your brand story in an engaging manner that hooks the viewer to know more. It is very important that your website is not only visually pleasing to the eye, but is also responsive. We are all constantly on our phones browsing – even while on the toilet – so it is important that the information is freely and clearly available to your consumers without any hindrances in online engagement.

Mukti-branding- claricegomesdesigns
4. Email Marketing

Part of having a website is also having a client base that wants to keep in touch with you. A base that you can engage with through emails and special offers. So never feel shy to start that list with close friends and family. They might not be your target market, but ask for referrals. It’s amazing how much business you can get from referrals. The content you send out to this list should also reflect your brand colours, images, patterns etc. Setting up automated sign-ups and emails help you save time while still looking your very best.

5. Social Media

My last step is social media. As mentioned in the beginning, social media is a FREE tool to market your business. Use it and use it well. Having a beautiful responsive WordPress website is great, but if no one knows you exist it is pointless. You can use all of the content created in my above 4 steps to engage with your consumers on social media. This will continue the brand consistency. Creating templates with your brand look to post on products, services, quotes and other things that relate to your brand can position your brand as trusted in the market. This is also a major channel to interact with your consumers and get to know them personally.

In Conclusion

Designing a solid and effective brand requires consistency across the board, from set-up to execution and interaction with consumers. Simply put, branding is an experience you give to your customer. Invest the effort it takes to set up your brand properly and with it pay off. If you are looking to start building your brand or re-brand your business and don’t know where to start, you’re in luck.

Allow me to help you design and market your brand. Here’s where we start to ensure your consumers get the experience they will never forget.

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