2020 Calendar ‘Heart’ Project

2020 Calendar Clarice Gomes

Every year toward the Christmas holiday season, I am reminded of how rich I am. All the good health, wealth and relationships I’ve been blessed with etc. It also comes with a need to want to “give back” in whatever way I can. This year, I’ve decided to create and design a calendar with watercolour artwork […]

Graphic Design for a Not for Profit


As November is coming to a wrap, I can scarcely believe that 2016 has almost come to an end. Where has the time gone? I have been extremely busy wrapping up end of the year projects. But I am still trying to fulfill my one blog post and one Youtube video tutorial a month. My […]

Project Post – Poster Design for AdBall 2016

Today’s post features work I did for Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) – Toronto’s Advertising Week FFWD 2016. I had the opportunity to help out with some of the print material for Advertising Week. This is a poster I did for their Mardi Gras themed AdBall party.

Pan Am Games are coming to Toronto

pan am games toronto

July is going to be a thoroughly “crowded” time in my city, Toronto. TORONTO 2015 will be the fifth edition of the Parapan Am Games and will feature 1,608 athletes from 28 countries competing in 15 sports. All sports will be Paralympic qualifiers for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Alongside all this hoopla, I cannot […]

My first Billboard! You read right!


It’s another first. My first Billboard! You read right! My client, Andria Cown Molyneaux Designs (interior designer), had her first billboard go up live last week. Designed by, yours truly ofcourse. Here’s her tweet breaking the news. She’s too cute! It's official and I'm so excited! I love it @HelloClariceG @MktgYourDesign pic.twitter.com/aHZvH7C87o— ACM Designs (@andriadesigns) […]

Hillary Clinton’s Logo Made in MS Paint

A logo must be two things – simple and memorable. Since early years of design, I’ve treasured the process involved in logo design. Research, sketch, mockup and finally, digital execution. The excitement would grow at each step. I especially enjoyed the window shopping a.k.a looking for inspirations. Creativity is a beautiful and brilliant thing. But […]

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?


Graphic Design, what is it? And just what does a graphic designer do? Logo design? Layout design? UX? Package design? Is there a process? I get asked these questions all the time. I won’t look down on anyone for not knowing, because frankly if I weren’t a designer, I probably wouldn’t know myself. Oh, and […]