SSL Certificates & Why You Need One?

This post might be coming late to some of you, but here it is nonetheless – simply because a lot of business owners are still uneducated on the topic of SSL certificates and why you need one. If you have a website or a blog that you take pains to maintain, for business or otherwise, […]

Make Your Website Logo Retina Friendly


If you’ve got a blurry logo on your website, then chances are your logo ain’t retina friendly. Are the images on your website/blog retina friendly?If the answer is no, then this post is for you. It’s not too late to change that. And if you don’t have a website, it’s not too late to get […]

5 UX tips for a clean website


I was first introduced to web design back when I was in college, through a basic HTML course. Back then the trend of having a site was continuing to gain popularity. I recall, the main project for the class – to create a portfolio site for ourselves. While the whole point of the course was […]

The secret behind SEO


Atleast once a month, I get an email from an SEO company offering to make my site show up on Googles searches. This for a whooping $99 US per month. In my opinion, this number seems high for a service that comes with no guarantee and or explaination of how these results will be achieved. […]

My first design conference and I had a blast


April 17th was Generate Conference in NYC. I attended. It was my first design conference and I had a blast. Why is this my first conference? Because frankly, I never thought of them as an investment in myself, besides larhely expensive social events. Plus Most of them cost an arm and a leg. Generate had […]

What’s this Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm?


I am on the bus, on my way to NYC, to attend Generate Conference. Super excited for this trip, and I am ready! I have my laptop, my phone, my addresses, US money (at the pathetic rate of 1.26, but I had no choice). There’s an elderly aunty with bad knees who seemed to need […]