Here’s what you can expect in the design/art process

5 simple steps

Step 1


Giving me the ‘lay of the land’ in terms of your vision for the project will help us get on the same page faster. The questionnaire will have questions that will help communicate that information.

step 2

Kick-Off Call

Once we have the basic information surrounding the project, we will have a call to briefly go over the project in a little more detail.

step 3


Proceeding the call and approval to go ahead with the project, the real work begins. This stage is where I do my research on target market, current competitions etc. Research is an integral part as it will help me come up with ideas and best solutions to the project.

step 4


The first round of design concept/s will begin following the research stage. The rounds of changes that accompany the design concepts will depend on the project timeline, budget and other requirements.

step 5


Once changes have been executed and email approval has been given, final files will be delivered and shared via email or an online app where they can be easily downloaded from.

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A few questions to get the ball rolling.