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Handlettering – my new found love

I experimented with hand lettering for a logo I did. Now I am in love. Le sigh.

No it’s not friday, it’s monday :). But, last week friday, after researching what markers and nibs I should invest in, I took a trip with my little man to our local Curry’s (one of our few art supply stores). I did my ‘research’ based on these three leading calligrapher ladies that I bumped into on Google and Pinterest searches.

1. Miss Tristan B. of
2. Pauline of Happy Hands Projects and
3. Lindsey of The Postman’s Knock

I was more than eager to get started. But…there’s always a ‘but’. Curry’s carried only Speedball nibs. So I had to walk away with,
1. A brown Tombow marker (they ran out of black), 2. The black marker shown in the image above (by Tombow as well, I think) and 3. I was impatient so I bought the beginner Speedball kit, as well.

I came home and got started right away. This image is my very first try. Haven’t been able to put the pen down ever since. Haha.

I try my hand at it atleast once a day. I finally realize why I had to go through years of writing in cursive using a fountain pen during my schooling in India. It was for a time such as this! I am super pumped about this new found love of mine. The Speedball’s worked very well for mE. And so I ordered a Brause Calligraphy Set. Waaat! Cannot wait!!!

Stay tuned for lots of personal lettering projects, that I will post on instagram. Follow along and let me know how I am doing.

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